Maintenance Systems

“It is not enough to rely on a maintenance system alone, because this cannot ensure that vehicles are roadworthy. To ensure best practice you will need to combine good quality maintenance practices and skills with supervision and effective management of the system.

The ultimate test will be whether or not a vehicle is, in fact, roadworthy.”

So states the DVSA mantra on the standard which operators must meet when it comes to maintaining their vehicles.

Setting up a compliant and above all effective maintenance system can be a complicated and time consuming task, especially if you have not done so before or if you feel that you are being given conflicting guidance from different organisations or even from different members of the same organisation (operators frequently report to us inconsistencies from DVSA officers themselves).

Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law has spent many years setting up effective systems for operators.  If done correctly, implementing, running and recording the necessary systems to deliver on the ultimate goal (roadworthy vehicles) need not become an overwhelming distraction from the business of running the vehicles successfully.

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