Horsebox Owners Beware!

 The law relating to the use of horseboxes is complicated and horsebox owners and their drivers should seek specialist advice if they run into difficulties with the police or the Vehicle & Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

In a recent criminal trial we acted for the driver of a horsebox who was prosecuted for driving the vehicle in a way which involved danger of injury to passengers because there were two passengers seated in the living area who were travelling without seat belts (indeed the horsebox was manufactured before seat belts were required to be fitted).

Despite our attempts to persuade the Senior Crown Prosecutor (CPS) to see sense and withdraw the case and in spite of serving the CPS with an expert opinion which concluded that there was no evidence of a danger, the CPS insisted on fighting the case to trial.

At the subsequent trial the court concluded that the prosecution was so weak that our client should not have to put forward any defence case at all.  The prosecution was thrown out and a costs order was awarded in our client's favour.

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