Consultation - Statutory Guidance and Directions

The Senior Traffic Commissioner has, in January 2011, published statutory guidance and directions for consultation.  The consultation process is a mandatory one, imposed by s.4 of The Transport Act 2008 and the deadline for the consultation period is 25th February 2011.

The documents published are of great significance to the regulatory regime under which the UK transport industry operates and are expected to govern the way operators are dealt with in most of their dealings with the Offices of the Traffic Commissioners. Although it is difficult to expect operators to absorb and comment upon the entirety of the consultation documents (over 200 pages) they are divided conveniently into 14 documents, from "Operating Centres" to "Transport Managers".  We would recommend that operators familiarise themselves with the guidance and directions and take as great a part in the consultation process as possible.

Should you require any advice on any specific part of the guidance or directions, we would be happy to help - please call us on 01279 758080.