Compliance Training

In recent years the coach and bus industry has faced a 'perfect storm' of challenges: a serious driver shortage, hugely difficult economic conditions and what for many will be seen as an increasingly strict and complex regulatory regime in which to operate.

For those operators large enough to be able to afford to employ members of staff dedicated to compliance and internal training (over and above the nominated transport manager) keeping up with the rules and how they apply to 'your business' should be manageable, but for those who do not enjoy those economies of scale, staying compliant can be a nightmare.

When operators think of training what immediately comes to mind is Driver CPC, Transport Manager refreshers or operator licence awareness training (OLAT).  These forms of training certainly have their place, but the best training that any operator can provide to its staff is effectived daily supervision (including the immediate identification and correction of mistakes) in order to make sure that the drivers know how to carry out their duties properly and that they know how to record that work.  This training is free in the sense that you do not have to pay anything extra for it and it brings instant results.

Pellys Transport & Regulatory Law have been advising and training operators on compliance for over 30 years.  We specialise in showing operators what systems they should have in place and how those systems should be checked and all the work properly recorded including the day to day training and supervision of drivers.  When problems arise we can also help operators resolved 'employment' issues arising from mistakes.

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