Terms and Conditions of Carriage

Rushed off your feet trying to keep on top of all the work that a commercial transport operation requires, it can be a sobering and distinctly uncomfortable experience to discover that the terms of a particular hire are not what you, the operator, thought they were.

Perhaps surprisingly, many operators discover to their cost that the agreement that they had thought that they had entered into is not the one that they have actually signed. Indeed many operators enter into agreements without even reading the ‘small print’.

Wherever possible operators should be accepting contracts under their own terms and conditions which are tailor made to their own requirements and which properly set out their liability if something should go wrong.

In an increasingly heavily regulated sector, the days of a ‘one size fits all’ approach to commercial contracts have passed by the wayside and operators can often obtain better value for money from a bespoke service that will provide for their specific needs.

Properly drafted, a transport operator’s terms and conditions can prove to be a valuable asset, offering clarity to both sides and appropriate protection where it is needed.

Because Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law specialise in road transport law, we can provide your business with HGV or PSV terms of carriage to suit your businesses needs as well as advise you on the terms & conditions for a fully inclusive fixed fee cost.

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