With the advent of digital technology more and more transport operators are facing the challenge of getting to grips with the operation of vehicles fitted with digital tachograph vehicle units.

Even operators who still run a fully analogue fleet must deal with drivers in possession of digital driver cards, and sooner or later they will have to manage a contract using a ‘digital’ vehicle (perhaps at short notice when a vehicle must be hired in to cover for another vehicle which has to be taken off the road unexpectedly). For the uninitiated, the world of digitals is a minefield. Getting the right advice, preferably before a digital vehicle is put into service, is essential.

The good news is that much of the advice that operators require and many of the systems that need to be implemented are quick to explain and relatively straightforward to put in place, provided you receive the right advice at the outset, which is where Pellys Transport and Regulatory Law can help. Call us on 01279 818280 or click here.